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Concept Through Commercialization

Intrepid Orthopedics has been helping customers bring ideas to market for over 20 years.

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Orthopedic design and rapid prototyping

Design & Rapid Prototyping

We utilize Mimics Software, SolidWorks 3D CAD and FEA for patient specific design and anatomical engineering. Models are developed and 3D printed quickly and accurately.

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Orthopedic testing and FDA approval

Testing & Approval

Our in house testing capabilities allow us to provide a shorter to market timeline than our competitors.

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orthopedic manufacturing and outsourcing

Manufacturing & Launch

Our longstanding manufacturer relationships allow us to smoothly move your product from approval to launch.

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Rapid Prototyping. Immediately bring your idea to life.

Our team utilizes the latest 3D software to transform your ideas from sketches into virtual models. We then bring your device to life on a 3D printer. With finite element analysis (FEA) we determine the weaknesses of the design and strengthen them to ensure a high quality product.

Orthopedic design and rapid prototyping

orthopedic pedicle screw testing

In house testing. Don't wait for results.

Our capabilities allow us to schedule your product testing immediately after prototyping. Our in house capabilities also allow us to have your test results immediately. After testing is complete we can submit your product for approval. With over 20 years of experience, we have the knowledge to guide you through your regulatory pathway.

Close manufacturing partners. Smooth product launch.

We work closely with manufacturers from the beginning of the design process to ensure a smooth product launch. This also ensures that your designs are not only innovative and unique, but can also be made simply and easily.

orthopedic manufacturing and testing